Prices do not include shipping. We will not take orders over the phone. All orders must be faxed (typed), mailed (typed), or processed online using our e-shop. We suggest that you place your order two weeks in advance. Transit time is not included in this time-frame. Shipping time example: Atlanta, 1 day; California, 6 working days.

If you have a rush order please call ASAP to arrange your order.

Special Events

We would appreciate advanced warning that a large event is being planned so that inventory stock can be increased accordingly. This is particularly true during the end of the year award events during December and January, or special company events (i.e., during the Primerica Convention).

Callback Policy

It is our policy to call our customers when we receive an order. If you do not hear from us, please call to see if we did, in fact, receive the order.


All orders are processed as rapidly as possible in the order in which they are received. Therefore, add-on orders will require the creation of a new order, new invoice, and additional shipping package.


Orders are shipped via UPS. Tracking numbers are supplied to our customers from UPS via e-mail. In the event your package is damaged, please keep the damaged packaging – including the box and shipping label – and all merchandise (damaged or undamaged). UPS is responsible for all claims. Contact UPS at 1-800-742-5877.